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#1 2 years ago

Well Dying light, anyway.

Pretty much waited so that the DLC diarrhea would abate and I could get a "goatee" version. Gotta say the novelty wore off pretty quick and I guess I pretty much got suckered in by the parker. That and there seemed to be mods but upon closer inspection they all get by by changing silly little values or some such. Nothing innovative.

I whined about zombie media in general and now I am gonna semi-whine/semi-question/semi-compare (yes that's three halves).

First off, what's so scary about it? The whole zombie horde in modern environment thing didn't scare me in the least. More often the shit you are put through feels more tedious or frustrating. I played this game through like about a fifth of the campaign and there hasn't been anything. Is there anything later on worth waiting?

Strangely, I feel more uneasy (not necessarily openly frightened) by the creepy/supernatural dungeons in medieval/olden envrionments like some of the dungeons in oblivion, or if I were to play it, something like amnesia. Probably something to do with the ambience of an unknown mystical horror greater than a bunch of shamblers plus other typical zombie archetypes gunning for you.

The running away feels like assassin's creed (parkour probably adds to that) regardless of whether it is night or day. "Oh no, stuffs chasing, better run." The only time I was surprised was when a zombie got up off a toilet and tried to bite me. Not at, "ooh, spoopy." But at the fact that they would actually use this cliche. Not that all the Left 4 Dead knockoffs make it any less trite or stupid since I am having an even harder time with suspension of disbelief with these fuckers.

Most of the time anywhere there is an important objective, infinite "runners" will just pop out in droves and start attacking you while the objective is guarded by electrified barb wire, surrounded by a lava lake which is further surrounded by a minefield so you have to find some obscure spot to jump down into the objective area and then turn like 5 valves which you have to be "super-realistic" about and go through a quick time to take 20 seconds to turn. So basically, you spend several minutes running around to find out how to get into the objective area all the while trying to not have these oh so real dudes not kill you from pawing your back and pinching your testicles with their dirty hands. Once you are inside, you have to spend an hour figuring out how to hold them off for an annoyingly long time period so you can blow whoever you need to like the stupid little bitch the PC is and repeat till god knows how long. I tried brute forcing, which is pretty much the only way, since apparently zombies got equipped with superman senses upon infection. So not chance of stealth and either I burn through a bajillion resources like medikits or molotovs to do what I want to do "quietly" so as to not rouse more mofos (fuck all good that is with the infinite active respawns). Or wait outside and keep "skillfully dispatching" these stupidly OP (for zombies anyway) fuckers who know how to fight too well for something decaying and attempting to "get brains" and hope the enemy spawning AI somehow has to take a dump while I have to startup several substations or some shit.

I just tried killing like at least 30 of those "sprinters" and then I was like, "Fuck it." This is so horribly insipid and not frightening in the least, I honestly do not understand the charm around this genre. Or at least this game. I can only say that I feel like an ass for buying this thing. Why does everyone like it? Why are there so many generally good reviews?

I think I'll expand upon this in another topic because I've found that I have an easier time with Dark Souls/Souls-esque games than I do with certain games like this and I honestly cannot understand why people love the design choices in these.