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20th August 2007

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#1 11 years ago

There are a bunch of threads on favorite games and such. What's rarely asked is what game you started out with. Everyone starts with something.

Well, the first shooter I ever really played extensively is Halo 2. Back then I couldn't move and shoot at the same time- only one or the other. Beat the entire game in co-op and by then I wasn't such a wreck.

PC gaming isn't such a good story. The most I ever really played at first was those Jedi Knight games and Battlefield 2. Nothing too serious. I was turned off by BF2's gameplay being focused around being the first person to go prone. Tried playing stuff like Movie Battles II, decided it was a bit too hard for me too.

Just recently have I gotten into PC gaming more. Played the Crysis demo several times, really loved it when I got my 9800 GT. Bought the full game and Warhead when Fail City closed down, beat them both. Aiming felt so natural with the motion blur and depth of field. Crysis is where most of my PC gaming skills come from. It also helped that Battlefield 2's prone issue was finally dealt with.

Later got into Steam and bought Half-Life 2 and Garry's Mod. Loved Garry's Mod a lot, soon got Counter Strike: Source and fell in love with Team Fortress 2 after the Free Play weekend that just passed. A sweet surprise, because I expected to get my ass handed to me by the pros (who happen to be everywhere) and didn't think that the medics would do crap, just like in Battlefield. Turns out medics love you when you play Heavy. Really loved when I could spin around and shoot the Scout shotgunning me from behind and not miss a single shot. Spy was actually fun to play with- best moment was when the enemy team's doctor healed me (and I stabbed him in the back soon after >: D )

Your turn.


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16th March 2008

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#2 11 years ago

The first FPS (and possibly first computer game) I ever played was one of the Marathon games. But I don't think I really got into gaming until I was about nine or ten with Delta Force: Land Warrior.

Jedi Knight: Dark Forces 2 was pretty damn awesome too =p , but I'd say Delta Force is what really did it for me.


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17th June 2003

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#3 11 years ago

I learned to move around in Heretic. I started it up by accident one day, and randomly pressed a bunch of keys until something happened. Most of the time I just wandered around in a multiplayer match (Years before we had Internet access) exploring the level.

The first game I actually learned how to play was Dark Forces, though it took me a few months before I learned any of the controls beyond two dimensional movement and firing. I was quite disappointed with the first level since I didn't know that the doors could be opened. It was a good six months before I accidentally opened up a secret door in Talay: Tak Base, After The Massacre. I got stuck in the room and had to reload. Eventually I discovered the "Open" key". Same with the alternate firing modes. A long time later I found the config screen.

I first started using the mouse to play in 2002. I was playing Dark Forces II: Jedi Knight when someone told me I'd improve tremendously if I started using the mouse to play. Learned pretty quickly.


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#4 11 years ago

The first FPS game I remember playing was Star Wars Battlefront II. Now, I did play other games on my GameBoy Advance and Nintendo 64 around 8 years ago but I guess you couldn't really call those FPS games. Like The Legend of Zelda, Star Wars Episode I: Racer (first Star Wars game I ever played! :)), Super Smash Bros. (classic game by the way :nodding:) and of course the classic Donkey Kong. =p And the very earliest video game I remember playing was Apache Havoc: Enemy Engaged on our old Windows 98 PC (man, have times changed :eek:). I bet most of you have never even heard of it, well it is 10 years old. :lookaround:

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19th November 2005

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#5 11 years ago

Delta force 2 and Return to Castle Wolfenstein, which is still one of my most favorite games of all time.



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14th March 2006

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#6 11 years ago

Hmmm - First PC shooter I remember playing was doom 2 - i STILL use the same key setup I learned with back then if I play FPS on PC... (y'know... mouse to move/aim/shoot... space to jump, left / right chevron keys to strafe, shift to run / use / reload the underscore key to duck etc... depending on the game...) It was the first game I ever modded too, I used DCK to hell... made some truly broken and fugly levels...

Then Duke Nukem 3d

Then Quake (I only ever got the demo...what the fuck was the nine inch nails fixation all about...?) After that came Half-life... I failed at modding that too - it came with a level builder... I learned alot from that... Then the Wolfenstein Remake... Havent really played a whole lot of PC FPS since... not had the hardware...

Console wise... Goldeneye on the N64...I swear they designed that controller for Goldeneye specially...

Now I do most of my hunting and killing on COD4 on Xbox Live...

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20th April 2007

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#7 11 years ago

First 2 FPSes I played were 'Heretic' a... really old game with doom-like graphics and Half life 1. Plus opposing force and wanted mods for the Half life game.

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16th June 2008

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#8 11 years ago

Well, i remember Rtcw at the age of 6/7, and beating it in normal diffuculty. ("Bring em on"- difficultly?)

I did learn by watching my uncle play Unreal, Rtcw and Tactical Ops. I still play the last two now then, but i never got into unreal. I remember that it was so empty, with not so much to kill. I did play TO, an ut99 mod, and i still play ut2k4 and ut3 quite a lot. Mostly lan.

But man, I'll never forget my first Nazi i shot. Stupid professor bending over got shot in the back. I felt sorry for accidentally frying the dead body of my mate though. =p


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20th April 2008

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#9 11 years ago

LOL I thought this was a real gun shooting thread.. Oh well. Anyway, it was Delta Force for me.. I was in first grade the first time I played. I sucked. I got killed almost ten times in a row. Then came rainbow six. I was better at that, then again it was the second shooter game I ever played and I was in fourth grade. I prefer RTS or Turn-based strategy until now.

And I never fired a real gun before. How is the recoil anyway?.. As you know a lot of people exaggerate.


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5th September 2006

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#10 11 years ago

Uh...ah dammit.

I'm too f'cking old to remember -- I'm going to say the original Doom...maybe? :confused: