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#1 1 year ago

Earlier this year, we saw the release of Rad Rodgers, a retro-style platformer following the boy of the same name who found himself in a video game world one night, joined by Dusty, a his now-sentient game console. Their mission was to save the world of that game from corruption.

Moments ago, the announcement for the Radical Edition of the game has been released to the world. This version will come as a free upgrade to current owners on the PC, PS4, and Xbox One, while it will also mark the game's debut on the Nintendo Switch. So what's new about it? Well, apart from Rad Rodgers, you will now get to play as Duke Nukem, Lo Wang from Shadow Warrior, Shelly "Bombshell" Harrison as she appears in Ion Maiden, Cosmo from Cosmo's Cosmic Adventure, and an inhabitant of the game's world. There is also 2-player co-op and completely new levels! There is no firm release date other than "soon", but here's a neat trailer to get you hyped:

We at GameFront have had a chance to try it out, and we found it quite fun! Await a review when the game launches.