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#1 7 months ago

Well. I mean. We all knew this with the hints they were dropping and the WalMart leak, but is this honestly a game anyone wants? I didn't find the original to be all that interesting. Maybe I'll go back and play it again, see what it is that makes it good enough to get a sequel.


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#2 7 months ago

Was the first one any good?

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#3 7 months ago

The first one had a lot of good ideas and pretty decent gameplay but was let down by a rather bland story and tech issues, at least in my experience. ID Tech 5 was not a good engine.

Plus it had John Goodman in it so that's a plus right there.

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#4 7 months ago

The only thing this game has going for it in my mind is that it isn't using that aweful idTech5 engine, as RAL pointed out. The worst part is they never fixed the issues with it, modders were able to..,. to an extent but id gave zero shits about fixing it to make it better. 

I did hear great things about this developer and the vehicle combat that their game Mad Max used. It's not exactly striving to be an outstanding game to surpass Rage, but at least it has a better developer working on it. 

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