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Anyone play this awesome game? If you do, might wanna check out this cool private server.


What is BlackWidowRO? -Welcome to Black Widow Ragnarok Online! Black Widow is a project being developed by dedicated staff. Black Widow is constantly being updated to be as close as Kro as possible. The game has been modified to serve our community with a stable and most importantly balanced server. What can BlackWidowRO offer that other servers can't? -Although BlackWidowRO has not been open for a long time, We've managed to be on the top sites along with the other major servers. Why? Because of our dedication. In BlackWidowRO you will find one of the nicest communities out there, a caring staff that will listen to you and help you on anything you may need. We have unique features that makes us different from any other server out there. Basic Information: -Rates: 10k/10k/30% MvP card drop is 2% -Max Lvl 450/140 -Max Stat 600. [Allows people to have unique builds] -Main town Prontera -Max Homunculus Lvl 450

Quick Features: -Official NPCs -Bounty System [Impossible to Abuse] -Modified PK system. -Working Turbo Races w/ ranks. -Custom made PK Ladder -Custom/Story Based Quests -2.0 WoE -MvP Arena -Custom @duel System -40+ @commands. -Convenient Mall -Jobchanger -Warper -Reset Girl -Stylist -And a lot more! What else can I find if I join? By joining BlackWidowRO you are guaranteed to have fun. We have intense PvP activity. Great guild competition and daily events.

Cool! Where do I join? You can join us by checking our website Black Widow Ragnarok Online- Official Website

Still not convinced? See what our players have to say about us! (PK) Black Widow RO Player Review Statistics - RMS Private RO Server Listing

Hope to see you soon! Sincerely, BW-RO GM Team.