[Rant] It's no wonder why you folks are so fanatical about PCs 33 replies

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28th January 2007

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#31 10 years ago
darkclone;5350911Same shit happened with Alien Versus Predator Extinction. Console only RTS's just fail. A shame since it had such potential.

Not really. The halo wars RTS was pretty boring designwise. Had to be - lack of keyboard and mouse.

Admittedly while some people might agree with your point blitz, it still comes down to the fact that the PC has better RPGs than have ever shown up on consoles (sure, they tend to be about 8 or more years old, but they're still the undisputed rulers)

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20th April 2007

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#32 10 years ago
Junk angel;5351159Not really. The halo wars RTS was pretty boring designwise. Had to be - lack of keyboard and mouse. Admittedly while some people might agree with your point blitz, it still comes down to the fact that the PC has better RPGs than have ever shown up on consoles (sure, they tend to be about 8 or more years old, but they're still the undisputed rulers)

I didn't point out RPGs because PCs totally out-everything's consoles in RPGs. MMOs(half of the time free), Mods, unofficial patches, some games allowing you to put your own mp3 or wav files so that e.g. when in battle said music will play. Speaking of free.... There are some good free games out there which are pretty much exclusive to PC, thats right. Plus in my country, console games are atleast 20-40 dollars more expensive than any given PC game. I'd look at a barbie doll game for 360 or Wii, and it'd cost like $70-80; whilst Torchlight would cost just $49-56.


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20th August 2007

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#33 10 years ago

I have to say that my... defecting to the PC side just sort of came naturally. I played a lot on my (new) PC for a couple of days and when I tried playing my Xbox 360, it just wasn't as fun anymore. Controls felt horrible. I couldn't aim nearly as freely anymore. I hated the framerates and fugly textures (Modern Warfare 2 on the 360, I'm looking at you). I'd recently bought Star Wars: Republic Commando through Steam because no GameStop had it in the bargain bins for the Xbox. With my PC and a few apps, I'd never need to leave my house for anything ever again.

I turned on my Xbox 360 one day and it all came to me. No more modifications. No more server browsing. No more mouse and keyboard. Stuck with the same controller everyone else owns. Stuck with a standard console. Stuck paying for online features. All of a sudden, when I played on my console I felt like I'd been stripped of my pride and free will and put under a quasi-Communist rule. It was one of those moments when I felt like I'd be better off just selling it all to upgrade my far-superior PC. You know, get something with a nice ring to it, like ATI Radeon HD 5970.


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masked_marsoe;5350310 Also, consoles perform as social experiences, whereas PCs are individual experiences. Consoles are meant to be shared, four friends:four controllers.

PCs - even online gaming - is an individual, personal experience. Even if you're in an online game with dozens of players, you are still alone; One playerne controller.

That's not a negative thing - I, for one, enjoy both, but I don't like playing a console game alone, and I can't stand having someone watching over my shoulder when I'm on the PC.[/QUOTE] PC gaming would be just about perfect if PC games would allow things like splitscreen. Quite a few people I've spoken to have their PCs hooked up to their huge LCD monitors so they can watch free television with services such as Hulu.

BlitZAlthough 1 of the flaws of the PC would be, biased game makers. Like fracken Square Enix. You'd find games like Final Fantasy 13 to be exclusive to consoles or Halo (even the strategy game itself).[/quote] I can't stand half-assed ports to the PC. Games like Halo and Halo 2 lose some features in the move to another platform. Because console companies are too busy making console games, publishers tend to hire smaller, lesser known teams to bring the game over to the PC. Like I mentioned before, an increasing amount of people are connecting their PCs to their television sets -- these same people get pissed when they find out that something like Halo on the PC doesn't have any options for splitscreen. Yes, you can have a supergood computer and a 40" LCD but can't hook up two controllers for some fun with a friend.

noobst3R;5350536This. I pwned my hardcore MW2 friend at his home on the PS3, and i actually only play Skate once in a while on my 360. Just walking around and all i get are headshots and stuff. But on the other hand, it's just so frustrating when you die because the tiny stick didn't allow a clean shot.

I used to be a console shooter junkie, but I eventually just quit after I realized how much easier it is to aim and shoot with a mouse and keyboard. These days, the only console games I can play are games like Skate -- basically any game that doesn't require multi-directional first- or third-person aiming with a control stick.

[QUOTE=Schofield;5350691]I honestly don't care if I have to use a controller or mouse (except the horrid 360 controller, it's D-pad is in a horrible place).

And just how the D-pad rarely ever works to begin with. Just try playing Oblivion with a 360 controller -- you'll soon find yourself getting hurt because you involuntarily took out the wrong weapon. The D-Pad works in something like Gears of War because there's a total of four options, as opposed to Oblivion's 8. The 360's D-pad is only accurate enough for a few options.

Sadly enough, though, the 360 gamepad is still probably the best out there. Sure, Microsoft dropped the ball once again, but no one else can do any better, as usual.

[QUOTE=BlitZ, The 57th;5350762]At least you can keep patching on the PC if there are any problems.... Plus mods, how many times has a console gamer complained about not being able to use this great mod or that awesome mod.

I think I mentioned this before, but one of the reasons I've pretty much given up console gaming is because I'm tired of paying for DLC that's free on the PC.


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13th January 2008

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#34 10 years ago

Know exactly what you mean, well sort of, I feel that there is room for PC gaming and consoles. I own a high end Sager gaming laptop, which I am on constantly. I rebuilt an XBox 360 from a gamer sick to death of Micro$uck and the RRoD. All together cost me a little over $40 to repair it, only to use it two days and never look at the PoS again. The jaggies, poor shadows, lawnmower level sound and the constant threat of another RRoD relapse ended when I gave the thing away. Not even worth the $40 I paid for it, most fun was fixing it. XD Now I have a PS3 and I love it, a great compliment to the PC and the Wii I already own. I enjoy games a lot more on it and they look a lot better on the PS3 than they did on the XBox, the PC and the PS3 are the ultimate gaming combo. :smokin:

Anyway, I have no problem with both forms, my wife enjoys the PS3 as well and she generally hates video games. She loves Little Big Planet. XD