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So.. yeah. I'm reviewing the latest update to Rappelz (don't ask).

*cough* *cough*

Rappelz Epic VI prologue: Navislamia is a new chapter/update to the massively multiplayer online game developed by Korean developer Nflavor. The game is hosted in North America and many other parts of the world by Gala-Net. Simply known as Rappelz, the game has been popular among a sizable player base for its appreciable graphics, fast paced pvp, and its balanced selection of classes and pets. The pure scale of the leveling system, with a maximum level of 170, has kept many of the most hardcore players occupied for countless hours, but enough with the background information. Epic VI prologue: Navislamia adds three new pets to the game, a new skill bar interface, a new dungeon for new players (along with a complete overhaul of Trainee's Island), several gigantic roaming bosses for high level players and more. The complete patch notes can be found here: Rappelz Online Game - Download and Play for Free!

The first thing I noticed when I logged in after patching my client was the total destruction of what had been my pet's skill bar in Epic V. In the new update, pet skills are positioned in the player's skill bar just like player skills. This is very problematic for people whose skill bars are already full (like me). In the end I decided to dispense of return scrolls, resurrection scrolls, my mount, and the sit/stand function in order to fit four of my pet's most important skills on the bar (I still need room for two more). It wasn't long after the update that I joined a party to kill one of the roaming bosses, Silex the Giant. A couple guild members and some other people watched as our gimped party (a couple people were more than 10 levels apart from each other, cutting the xp by a large amount) killed his three minions one by one and finally brought down Silex himself. A little to our surprise, the boss instantly respawned a little ways away. It may be that the roaming bosses are supposed to be "grindable", but it would only take a small patch by Nflavor to increase the respawn time to 20 or 30 minutes. The most controversial change that took place with the new patch, though it probably is a bug, is the ineffectiveness of the altar of the goddess. Players donate to the altar to get rid of "Immorality" which is gained through killing players of lower level than you. Having enough Immorality will turn your name red, and anyone can attack you without having to toggle PK mode. The altar was, as described in the patch notes, revamped so that rupees could be donated as well as items, and as it turned out it became very, very expensive to clean red names. I'm anticipating that it will be properly balanced as early as next week, or possibly later.

Now, rather than moan about the issue with guild icons that arose after the patch I can attest that the drop rate for rank 5, 6, and 7 equipment has indeed been increased, especially on Veiled Island. We'll have to wait until the new pets are tamed and used properly before they can be discussed in depth but from what I've seen they look great, and a ranged pet like the harpy is the first of its kind. The removal of the pet skill bar has fixed issues with dual summoning, since both pets' skills can now be put on the skill bar at the same time. What's also great are the new teleport routes out of City of Ruins, now I don't have to spend 15 minutes reaching my farming spot. I have noticed that the cooling times of a few skills have been tweaked for balance, and the p def stat has also been balanced a bit, though I didn't see anything wrong with it earlier. I have to say that I'm happy with these updates, but there should have been some more beta testing especially with the new skill bar and it's keymapping funcion.

The new dungeon, the ghost ship Navislamia, is nice. Nice to the point that I think it will make higher level players jealous. Joking of course, the new dungeon looks like the beached ghosty ship it should and it has more involving quests than any other dungeon in the game so far. There were a couple of issues with players getting stuck in certain parts of the ship if they didn't follow the quests properly, but those should be easily resolved, and who wouldn't want to toss around a few zombie pirates on their first day in Rappelz? The only issue I have with the ship is the fact that they could've named this update "Rise of Silex", or "Wings of the Harpy" and it would've still made perfect sense, the ghost ship is just one of the new features and it certainly didn't call for changing the game's entire intro sequence (praise for the esc button).

HIGHS: Cool new dungeon, pets, and balancing tweaks.

LOWS: Altar of the Goddess is too expensive, not enough room for pet skills, bugs still exist.


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