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1st January 2005

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#1 15 years ago

There was a thread like this on the Ubi GRAW PC forum started by a UK Ubi manager, so I thought we could have our own. I really wanted to like this game, and highly anticipated it, but am less than impressed with much of it. Here's my review of the demo: PROS: 1) Nice weapons and weapon options. I liked the quick and easy to use loadout menu. Nice to still be able to equip the whole team with all silenced weapons too. I didn't notice any slower movement after adding a silencer (for both weaps), GL, and extra ammo for each though (including hand thrown grenades).

2) Good command map and view. Great interactive command map and view. I'd prefer to be able to zoom it first, without the dang cursor brushing the edge and changing it's location though. It should stay in the zoom mode you put it in too.

3) Excellent map terrain and destrotyable objects. The terrrain is great, but hampered by fixed routes & checkpoints, and annoying fail mission lectures when not followed precisely. Good variety of cover spots, but the bots don't use them well.

CONS: 1) Slow & unpredictable movement. Has a console feel to the movement, dive won't work (or at least someone tell me how it does), crouch & raise slow or requires 2 keystrokes, etc, etc. It's also odd that even though the run speed is very slow, you go sliding like you're on a Slip 'n Slide as soon as you hit crouch, often winding up way past the cover you were seeking.

2) Very bad AI, even on highest difficulty mode. Enemies 50' away will stand there non challant as their buddies engage in fire from twice the distance. They suddenly get a clue when you peek far enough around a corner to be in direct sight of them. Friendlies don't follow tactically by going slow and taking cover as they procede. When they DO get to your position they will bump into you as you're peeking around a corner shooting, and actually stand right in front of you after they go past you.

3) Inefficient engine, laggy mouse and load times. The look and feel of this game is a dead ringer for a GR version of Deus Ex: Invisible War. It has the same laggy loading, movement, & mouse look. Even the HUD looks very similar. The mouse look is very laggy for turning around and makes for slow pan & shoot tactics. Even at the max 2.0 setting I had to brush the mouse across the pad at least a couple times just to turn around 180 degrees. _________________________________________________ Bottom line, great fighting concepts, modern warrior equipment & strategies, but very poor console-like implementation. The graphics aren't stellar, but acceptable when I used 1280x960@85, with lowered shadow and other settings, and 2xAA added (with an X800XT). I experienced no lag in frame rates, just the loading, clumsy movement, and snail like mouse look.

I could get used to the lack of quicksave, play lead only, mission fail if dead (+ annoying lecture), & slow loading time after deaths, if the other things could be fixed. I fear for the most part the damage is done though, and we're stuck with another great PC series ruined by Ubi's selling out to consoles. Thank God at least Crytek had the sense to go elsewhere for their Crysis project.