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#1 16 years ago

My name is [RDH]Gauge[KA] from the Rabid Dogs Of Hell clan. We are currently looking for any AAO players looking for competition play and overall, some good clean fun. We also recruit for other games (we play a total of 13 different games-- total of 212 fulltime members that play with our tag), and we recruit from all countries. English is a must however. There is an age restriction of 17 to keep out the kids that shouldn't be exposed to hellions such as ourselves... We are currently on the TWL ladder 4v4 and ranked in the 40's and are looking to get into more competitive play. We have about 8 full time AAO players right now. We are looking for many more to game with at any time. I ask that anyone interested please post here, and go to our website as well (so I can keep track of who has and hasn't gone)..... www. rabiddogsofhell .com/nuke (all one word). We have a public TS server and are always looking for more players to play with: Feel free to join anytime and just click into our AAO channel. Thank you for your time and interest (if any). - [RDH]Gauge[KA] :cya: