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19th May 2003

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#1 13 years ago

I am the creator of the real world scenario and war on terror mods for civ 3.

These mods had chemical skuds, 31 real countries, as iran, iraq, brazil, usa, north korea, afghanistan all leaderheads were real leaders as bush, khatami, koisumi...

anyone interested in taking the legend over? not really a legend... just would like to see someone with better modding experience do this for civ 4.

all real countries. all real leaderheads all real weapons systems. chemical, biological weapons accurate populations and governments.


i dont like the absence of a scenario editor for civ 4. i dont like civivs either, as i prefered governments (which in civ 3 i custome made some 15 something governments and edited the names and values of defualt ones (such as democracy. there is no such actual title according to the cia world factbook. america is a federal republic.)

accurate resources. etc etc

you can download 1.0, which was a crappy version...for civ 3 to get what i mean.