Recommend me a good story focused game? 5 replies

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#1 1 year ago

I want to play something that's got a deep story, that I haven't played before, maybe a third or first person game?

If it's a Rockstar, Bethesda or Bioshock game, played em all.

Any ideas?

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#2 1 year ago

* The only game which made me genuinely care about the story was The Last Of Us.

* I don't have anything capable of running Plague Tale, but it looks like it would make me care about the story.



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#3 7 months ago

Strongly recommend The Witcher series games. The story is a sequel to the novels, solely designed by CD Projekt Red, but they handled the characters and the story well, in my opinion. Also, if you dislike a bit outdated graphics, then Witcher 1 might not be your cup of tea, though I found the story and the atmosphere mesmerizing. But so, if you decide to play like, Witcher 3 (which did captivate many :D) without playing any games beforehand or reading the novels, it's kinda okay, I suppose, may not understand some things or know some characters, but it was no problem for other players who played the third game only, literally everyone loved it. Bonus kudos because the third game also harbors a fantastic Slavic atmosphere


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#4 7 months ago

I'd recommend The Witcher 3. It's a long game, and it's an open world, but it felt very much like a Mass Effect game in terms of how often you'll be talking to people or otherwise encountering interesting stories. What separates TW3 from other big open-world RPGs is that there is so much good story content in the game. Even random sidequests will often have an interesting character or situation involved, and combat encounters are typically pretty brief.


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3rd June 2020

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#5 7 months ago

You probably already know about Telltale games like Wolf Among Us. There's stuff like The Beginner's Guide, SOMA, the Shadowrun games (Returns doesn't have a very good story but the custom user made campaigns often do, Dragonfall and Hong Kong are excellent in their own right and also have fantastic user made campaigns), Owlboy was short and sweet, Undertale is fantastic, Pony Island is a neat subversive metanarrative, The Sexy Brutale is brilliant.

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#6 7 months ago

In my experience you get the best stories from adventures and text-heavy RPGs. You could try one of the classics (Planescape Torment, Fallout 2, Baldur's Gate 2; with the enhanced editions these games still look pretty nice). There were some really good RPGs released over the last few years but I didn't have time to play them all...

If you are used to Rockstar or Bethesda games the more text-heavy RPGs will take some time to get used to. Think of it as an investment that pays off when you get closer to the finish line.