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#1 16 years ago

Hello all.

I have just purchased a new PC and would like to get into online gaming. Im already online with my PS2 and XBOX and I used to play Half life online. I think FPS are probably the best online.

Any recommendation? Will have to be games with a large base of players like Half life did/does have.

Thanks all...

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#2 16 years ago

Call of duty is very realistic and good support but i still play Sof2 as its cheap and easy, as for others Far Cry is buggy but there is a new patch out, i haven't installed it yet so i cant comment amd Doom3 sucks

Thinking about it.


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#3 16 years ago

And what about the call of duty expansion pack, is this online? Would I miss much If I didnt purchase it?

Im going to pre order HL 2 anyway, any more??

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#4 16 years ago

Other then HL2 I would get

massive online play: bf1942 cs - scoure beta UT2K4 planetside

lan games: CnC Renegade doom 3 quake 3 urban terror serious sam 1&2 frycry

you might want to check about planetside im not too sure what it is now a days as it changes once a month with patchs

as for call of duty expansion: United Offensive im not too sure I would get it if I wasnt broke and jobless right now


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#5 16 years ago

BF1942 looks good.

I want some games that alot of people will play online for a long time like Half Life. I have just tried the Call Of Duty demo's and it seems like a great game so I might buy it tomorrow and get online....


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#6 16 years ago

Bf1942 is very good and you can pick it up semi-cheep. Then get Desert Combat, Forgotten Hope mods for BF1942. And it is like having three differant games.:nodding: UT2K4 is also supposed to be very good(I like UT2K3). Joint Operations and Americas army(which is free) are both very popular.

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#7 16 years ago

Really popular games:

Battlefield 1942 Call of Duty/UO

However, if you are going for teamwork I'd recommend Vietcong, the multiplayer portion is simply amazing.


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#8 16 years ago

So many options and not enough cash! lol!


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#9 16 years ago

I used to play Team Fortress Classic online. Ahhh, those were the days....

There are too few players now though, TOO FEW!!!


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18th October 2004

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#10 16 years ago

You HAVE to get utk2004 it's probably the best online experiance i've had violence,mayhem,built in chat system. Every online gamer should have this game.

On the more realistic side call of duty is good that's a close second for me. I couldn't get into the battlefeild scene too much though:( AWATING counter strike Source!!