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25th October 2005

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#1 12 years ago

To prevent loads of Recruitment Threads I've created this Master Thread for teams to put forth their recruitment propaganda. Also this thread is available for anyone who wants to offer their skills somewhere to showcase some work. Recruiting: Mod Positions currently filled Positions needed Website/forum Little info on the mod. Leader contact info Showcase: Name: Skills: Examples: Contact info



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#2 11 years ago

Recruiting: Mod: XenoProject XenoP-1.jpg

Positions currently filled: Me : Modeler/Gfx artist VITO: Modeler

Positions needed: Coder, Modeller, Animator, Skinner Website/forum: Xeno Project Xeno Project mod for Universe at War: Earth Assault - Mod DB Little info on the mod. :

An alternate future in the Universal Century

The year is UC 0079 and the earth federation has declared war on the newly formed principality of zeon after Operation British the dropping of the depopulated Side 2 onto Jaburo a world wide message has been brodcast by a armed group calling themselves Syndicate of The Earth (Subject to Change.) claiming responsibility and revealing themselves as the new power in the world.

Leader contact info : msn: [EMAIL=""][/EMAIL]

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