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#1 13 years ago

Could somebody do a mod to make the civs of the inca Vall People(Harapans) And mesopotmia(Can spell the name for the people. Mesopotmians?). Thanks.


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18th May 2006

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#2 13 years ago

i could but ill need a list of at least 25 cities that existed (or that you perfer) and the name of there leader. A flag would also make it easier. (.jpg please)


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#3 13 years ago

Mespotamia cities(Offical): kish Babylon Ur Assur Nimrud Mitanni Urartu Nineveh Isin Susa Lagash Nippur Mespotamia Cities(Filler names): Las Katu Machu Piapi Mesopota Babylania Cipnera Macha gata Mohea Moha la Ciphera Pwnacity Leader names, Abilitys and staring Techs: Kurigalzu(Ability's: Organized, Expansive. Starting techs: Argiculture, Mining) Nebuchadnezzar I(Ability's: Organized, Gardned(Can buld the hanging Garden for 2500 coins and 5 turns) Starting Techs: Argicultre, Fishing) Mesopotamia Special Unit: Mesopotamian Destroyer(Replaces:Galley) 3 Strengh, 2 Movement, 3 People can be put inside. Inca Valley People Cities(OFFICAL): Mohenjo Daro Harappa Lothal Dholavira Rakhigarhi Ganeriwala Inca Valley People Cities(Filler): Machu Pikau Ownacity Moonhigh Valley Pikati Mahitu Obsivala Vunehala Quechiu Mahavetala Leader names, Ability's and starting Tech: Muchka Galhenah(Ability's: Expansive, Creative. Starting Techs: Argicultre, Fishing)