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I didnt do it! ^^

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24th September 2007

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#1 10 years ago

hi there! ^_^

so i gotta question...

is there any way to buy the 100 best soldiers (archers etc) more than just once??

btw i got bw2 (not BOTG!)



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31st July 2008

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#2 9 years ago

Its not really a mod but there is a way to buy the soldiers over and over. simply go into the Program Files/Lionhead Studios/Black&white2/data/Balance Once there find a file called GameBalanceArtefact. Go down till you find the 100 soldiers, Archers and Catipult. Then simply edit the tribute needed for it then go acorss till you find a 1 and another 1 should look something like this. ARTEFACT_LASTLAND_HUNDRED_SOLDIERS 000001 1 1 1.1 9 0

Now what you want to do is change the 2ed one too a 0 to match the one man/woman from last land. so it will look like this.


that will allow you to re-buy them over and over and over. Please don't copy and paste this line, do it by hand or it won't work.

Anyways have fun with your new way to recurit massive ammonts of soldiers out of the void :P