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#1 13 years ago

Just got it yesterday :P I just beat it, and for a shooter on rails it was surprisingly good, i haven't played a good railed shooter since House of the dead. So many unlockables too :P I think i like it almost as much as Crysis, it's also got a decent length to it, 22 levels... don't see that too often in shooters anymore :P Well, i would definately recommend picking it up, if your not an RE fan, you'll become one, if your already an RE fan, you'll fall in love with the series all over again. The amount of weapons to choose from is also pretty impressive. This is definately the Wii at it's best. And to be honest, i wouldn't mind if they made another one going over the other games it left for instance, Code Veronica, RE2, and RE4. Even though RE2 and RE4 have almost nothing to do with Umbrella.