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#1 6 months ago

Rocket League has always been at the forefront of cross-play, although there have been limitations. Today's new Rocket League update does away with all that, however, with full cross play for all consoles, with a promise of cross-platform party support coming later this year.

They've experimented with cross-platform parties before, however this soon disappeared due to technical issues. A lot of those barriers are now coming down, however, thanks to the game being made officially a part of the Sony Cross-Play Beta Program.

Whereas before, PS4 players could only cross-play with PC players, and PC players could only cross-play with either Xbox / Switch or PS4, never the two together, now all 4 platforms can mix it up together, without any limitations, meaning a game can have players from any of these platforms at the same time.

This has helped matchmaking tremendously, and you'll now find it much easier to find a game in the mode of your choice,  and while there isn't any obvious up front indicator that anything has changed (other platforms still appear as Psynet) you can now enjoy the knowledge your opponents could be from all corners of the console world.

But the more exciting aspect will be cross-play party support, meaning a party can contain players from PC, Xbox, Switch or PS4 together. Currently a party must contain players of the same platform. This has been promised in the next update coming this year, according to Psyonix.

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#2 6 months ago

Nice to see this coming to games where it makes sense.

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#3 6 months ago
Posted by RadioactiveLobster

Nice to see this coming to games where it makes sense.

Agreed.  I think it's about time for it.

I think we could make it work for FPSs soon if console makers allow for keyboard and mouse support.

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#4 6 months ago

I love when games do this.



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#5 6 months ago

I look forward for more games doing this, the less platform separation the better for all.