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#1 7 months ago

Milkstar - I mean Rockstar - have taken the logical next step in the evolution of Grand Theft Money and announced a new edition of their popular game, Grand Theft Auto V.

The Premium Edition.

Which includes all DLC(which was free anyway) as well as the Criminal Enterprise Starter Pack, a 45 Euro package containing various items for the game.

Yes, it's a completely and utterly pointless bundling of the Criminal Enterprise Starter Pack with the base game.

Anyone else think this is getting a tad ridiculous?

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#2 7 months ago

Literally have no reason to buy this and, really, who HASN'T got GTA V at this point?

This is nothing more than a glorified bundle to me?

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#3 7 months ago

The only reason they do this is so they can keep the price of the game at $60 so that people who haven't bought it can't grab it cheap on sale, they can only buy one of these "bundled" editions.

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#4 7 months ago

What DLC? The only DLC I know about was all for the Online, because Online is basically a printing press for money.

I read a news story about GTA Online being the most profitable game ever invented.

Here it is:


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#5 7 months ago
Posted by Lindale

What DLC? The only DLC I know about was all for the Online, because Online is basically a printing press for money.

They keep drip-feeding new game modes, businesses and cars for Online, but that's about it. Story mode hasn't been touched since they stopped adding DLC cars to the trio's garages, back on PS3.

The Criminal Enterprise Bundle is just a pre-package of a bunch of the aforementioned. An apartment, garage, some of the businesses and some free cars and weapons. If you're diligent, even a casual player could earn all this shit in-game in about a month.

Its value is zilch.

....well, it would be, if you could actually do anything in a public lobby without getting mobbed by griefers. ¬_¬

I don't know how, and I don't know why, but this is totally Sheep's fault.

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#6 7 months ago

Wow! That's incredible: 

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