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#1 11 years ago

I just found this out and was automaticaly interested. Rogue Warrior Game: Rogue Warrior: Black Razor - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The Actual Person: Richard Marcinko - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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#2 11 years ago

If that game gets popular, I wouldn't want to be the poor guy it's based off. Imagine if he passes an EB Games or GameStop, and everyone goes "Hey! You're that guy from Rogue Warrior!".

Sounds pretty awesome.

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#3 11 years ago
After leaving command at SEAL Team Six, Marcinko was tasked by Vice Admiral James "Ace" Lyons, Deputy Chief of Naval Operations, to design a unit to test the Navy's vulnerability to terrorism. The name of the unit was Naval Security Coordination Team OP-06D. In 1984 Marcinko hand-picked twelve men from SEAL Team Six and one from Marine Force Recon. The unit was unofficially named Red Cell.[4] This team tested the security of naval bases, nuclear submarines, ships, civilian airports and a U.S. embassy. Marcinko was directed to use his team to test the Navy's anti-terrorist capabilities. As a result he was able to infiltrate seemingly impenetrable, highly-secured bases, nuclear submarines, ships and other purported "secure areas", including the U.S. Presidential plane Air Force One, and disappeared without incident. These demonstrations showed that the replacement of Marines as security by private security agencies started by retired military personnel and awarded contracts resulted in a vulnerable military. Marcinko has claimed, among others, that Red Cell successfully captured nuclear devices from United States Navy facilities, and proved the viability of plans to:
  • penetrate and attack nuclear-powered submarines
  • destroy subs by using them as improvised dirty bombs, and
  • capture launch codes for nuclear weapons aboard the subs by using mild torture against personnel in custody of launch codes.
Former members of Red Cell, notably Steve Hartmann and Dennis Chalker, maintain that these exercises were a cover to move SPECWAR operators around the world for covert missions against real-world terrorists.



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#4 11 years ago

This is Willam. I have joined forum today...

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#5 11 years ago

Indeed... :)