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Rotten to the Core has been together 3 years, we are not a Realism unit, we are a group of gamers who have become friends and always look to making new ones. We like to have fun gaming as well as compete. So end your search and give us a shot, as we would like to meet you and have some good games along the road. Hope to see some fresh faces. What we are looking for and info about RTTC can be found at ► Rotten to the Core, Multi-Gaming Clan What we can offer: *.* Rotten to the Core [Americas Army] TeamSpeak - LIVE view - *.* [RTTC] Match TWL [aa] America's Army *.* Rotten to the Core Match Server [cod4] Call of Duty 4 *.* Practice/Scrims/Matching as well as some good old pub fun. *.* Website/Forums - Newly designed and active *.* Best of all, FUN (Thats what games are for) Contact Info: MSN: [EMAIL=""][/EMAIL] Xfire: tyag Email: [EMAIL=""][/EMAIL] Website: ► Rotten to the Core, Multi-Gaming Clan Thanks again for consideration. [RTTC]T.YAG Rotten to the Core Staff