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13th April 2004

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#141 17 years ago

ok Derangdhobo, your basing your opinion on RPGs on Pokemon? lol that is seriously lame. its even lamer that you went out and bought all of them. have you played Elder Scrolls: Morrowind? it is one of the sweetest RPGs out there. the map is huge, and there are caves, mines, temples, crypts, ect to explore to find more stuff. and the combat system isnt picking an attack and watching them do it. you actually have to pull the trigger to attack with your sword, bow, axe, ect. and u also have to avoid spells the characters throw at you. its actually takes some stragety to it, and there is a great story line. there are also guilds to join, like the Thieves Guild, Fighters Guild (i think thats what its called) and you can even join the Imperial Army. so, in conclusion, you should actually try other RPGs besides Pokemon before saying they suck.


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28th May 2004

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#142 17 years ago

Derangdhobo You do not like RPGs. We copied that.

I don't have something called REAL EXPERIENCE, not FAKE RPG EXPERIENCE.

So, you are getting "real" experience into moving an X over a virtual piece of code. Interesting. And commendable. Why should we care? If you came to a job and said "I have mad skills into "real experience" in FPS... You would be kicked out. You see, it doesn't matter, some gamers ENJOY (and remember that games are a medium of entertainment) "fake" experience, some enjoy "real" experience. This is just the way of the RPGs. If you like to beat on the weakest enemies all day, so be it, other people might explore different approaches and strategies to get the same result in 15 minutes. This is the game the chose to buy.

if I got on a FPS and spawn camped and head shotted people all day I would continue to suck. Can you please tell me how I am wrong?

You are wrong. You are wrong because you think that your "skill" in shooting a bit faster in Half life matters in real life. It doesn't however, except to you. "Suck" is a relative concept. Some people buy games for the story, others for a stress of the mind, and others to hit things on the screen fast. Obviously, FPS accomplish your definition of fun. Other people prefer something else...

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#143 17 years ago

As amusing as watching twits duke it out over a petty argument is, not much else can be said. -Closed-

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