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#1 12 years ago

Ancient Empires 3.0 based on RTW: Barbarian Invasion (if did not buy BI yet, get it! or use older version).

Concept: The project started essentially as a collection of mods, mini mods, and fixes to go along with Rome: Total Realism (R:Total War’s most popular Mod). It soon progressed into a serious modification in its own right, and is now a major hosted mod in the community, and a full conversion. Its main aims are realism, historical accuracy and unparalleled economic/strategic depth.

Features: Everything modded from standpoint of realism, historical accuracy and playability. Armored mounted units cannot charge into a wall of spears or xystons and win just because their stats say so on paper. Likewise even the most elite phalanx could be destroyed by horsemen who are well used to break thier formation... rock, paper, scissors combat is gone. You will even watch as a better unit (higher numbers for attack, defense, morale, stamina, speed...) loses one on one to a lesser unit because the lesser unit has longer sarissas (pikes) and cannot be outflanked due to terrain, etc.

- All new units! here's a few: legioitalicaly6la4.jpg Legio I Italica carthagevetkk9.jpg Carthaginian veterans (recruitable in Iberian AoR only) etruscanspearmenql5.jpg Etruscan spearmen alesiaswordxx4qd1.jpg Alesia veteran - Culture (based on BI.exe “religion”) - Limes Italian Infantry Mod (named legions! plus etruscans, umbrians, samnites, lucani, daunians, more) - AE region/event specific units! (Dii Thracians, Carthaginian Veterans, Gallic Alesia swordsmen) - Navigable Rivers with Ports (yes, you can now sail ships inland via rivers) rivershipyardup2ph4.jpg - Recruitable Generals with Loyalty factor - AE version of Chaotica’s Metropolis Mod - Naval Mod by Desaix, - Ahmose's Battle System - Marcus Camillus 4 Turns Per Year (seasons) - Darth Formations v.16.0, - Hoplitai Greek Generals Guard, - New Forts, Trees, Fire Arrows, Balistas, Torches - Fog & Light System, - Area of Recruitment. Every region of the world has native troops that can be raised there after some initial conversion. To raise your own factions troops there, you must build military & civic infrastructure. So if you're Roman, and go north to occupy Arretium, you can raise Etruscan troops there. Likewise, if Carthage lands and conquers Arretium, so can they. You might really like waging war with Etruscan hastati filling your ranks but they can only be raised in one region in the entire world so beware logistics. - And pages of other stuff.

Vastly larger than the vanilla map, it streches up to scandinavia, and as far east as western India! Incorporating major and emerging powers of the time period. aeworldmapaz2.jpg Start date 280 BC. The world has just seen the collapse of the great Macedonian empire. Alexander's lieutenants control their appointed successor states and compete for power. Their alliances with Eastern powers have become fragile. Further west Carthage controls the sea, "barbarian" tribes control vast swaths of western and central Europe, and a powerful people have emerged in central Italy, branching out from a place called Roma.

The period RTR political map that the previous build was based on but there have been some substantial changes so not everything is up to date. aepoliticalworldmaphd9.th.jpg

aeworldcenterqh6.th.jpg You can play as:

Greek City States Kingdom of Macedon Ptolemaic Empire Selucid Empire Kingdom of Bactria Kingdom of Pontus Republic of Carthage Republic of Rome Parthia Armenia Numidia Germania Illyria Thrace Iberians Sarmatia Gaul (plus one more not yet made public)

There are also dozens of regional, non playable "factions" whose troops you can field if you control the region, or buy as mercenaries. These include Bedouins, Indians, Arabs, Rhodians, Persians, Galatians, and many other celtic, Italian, & gallic tribes.

There are many mini mods incorporated and too many people to credit, check forum for more info.


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#2 12 years ago

Looks very very cool....is it done? Can we download it? I couldnt find anything on the link for a download