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#1 13 years ago

Here is one cool browser car game u should try :P

Tune your cars and get on the top, like me :P I am 9th atm :D Server one has maybe 40000 players ;)

RumbleRace <--- click here to play

Gameplay You have to build a team of drivers and mechanics which you train. And you have to manage to get a good sponsor and a fast car which you have to maintain and which you can tune. The global goal is to get a good income from rewards for races and from your sponsor and to improve your car and team to be able to drive in higher leagues and earn more money and reputation.

Freatures There are 34 different cars, 20 different circuits, 18 different mechanics, 16 different drivers and 11 different types of races. And there is a huge range of tuning and training possibilities.