RUMOR: EA Still Playing Third Parent to Forum Violators. 1 reply

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#1 7 years ago

And when I mean third parent, I mean restricting them from playing any EA PC game they own. This happened before in March by accident, but then happened again shortly after. Now rumors are flying about that some of the recent Origin bans have been over things said in EA forums.

On the other hand, these game bans may be the result of account issues in which forum accounts are tied into Origin login counts, which means that a forum ban = Origin ban = inability to play Origin-dependent games, which is not what EA wants at the moment. Then again, they said in an ar

If this is true, then why do people keep buying EA games when all EA wants to do is control what you buy? At least Activision, the greediest of them all, doesn't ban you from playing CoD if you express your negative opinions at them on a forum.


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Also, it would be nice if some action came out of this posts instead of rants, especially from PC BF3 players.



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#2 7 years ago

Well, this is the kind of problem that arises from tying the Origin account and forum account together. Valve keeps Steam account and Steam Forums account separate, so users can be banned from the forums for whatever reason, but still access Steam and their games.

I give my sympathies to those that have been unjustly (imo) banned, but with cases like the guy who wanted to t-bag other players in BF3... He can rot for all I care. I hate that kind of a-hole player in every genre of game that allows it. However, he and others like him should only be banned from a specific game, and not their whole account + forums. In this case, banned from BF3.

It would certainly be a great way of dealing with hackers/aimbotters, since they're the kind of talentless, unskilled scum that ruin games for other people faster than poor game design/balancing and a-hole gamers. With BF3 at least, it's easier to report cheaters, hackers, aimbotters than with other games, with the battlelog system. That's about the only advantage battelog has imo, since it's a browser based interface that still requires Origin to be running.

Origin is far from perfect, and far from being on the same level as Steam as a digital distribution platform (EA only games). However, I haven't had problems with it, and I'm not stupid enough to think that insulting a game developer and the publisher on their forums won't have some form of repercussions.