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29th May 2003

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#31 14 years ago
gorgothi am trading a lvl 91 account for an account lvl 30 or higher because i wish to do sum stuff again, plz email me at [email=""][/email]

You do know you're not actually allowed to do that dont you?


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25th January 2005

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#32 14 years ago
andrew098runescape is an alright game...if ur a member but even if u are once ur done all quests it kind of gets boring....then i just started playing worldofwarcraft cause it updates ever month

Excalty what i did...Played F2P Runescape, got bored so i got members, Slaved away getting levels and money....bought a Dragon Medium Helmet...then stopped playing to play World Of Warcraft. I'm getting bored of that now though, plus it's pretty laggy on this laptop.


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24th September 2005

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#33 14 years ago

i agree u get reely addicted to the game, but your mind makes u do the boooooooooooring mining etc. pking was still KINDA fun i quite 2 months ago now it feels that i have no purpose in life:confused:


'Aurora-[NZ']I played runescape for 3 years. Once you get to the level of being able to smith Rune, and have a hoard of n00bs following you around every minute saying "FREE RUNEITEZ PLZZZ PLZ!!" you kind of get sick of the game. Also it's the most BORING most addictive game ever. Also slimopz it's a form of piracy asking for runescape accounts (Well, it is in runescape laws anyway) so don't do it.


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18th November 2004

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#34 14 years ago

I used to play Runescape quite a bit, became a member for some time, got to level 60-something. But I eventually gave up because of the monotony. Even as a member, it's all the same. "OMG noob u hax im reporting u" or "im jajex [even funnier since it's actually Jagex] admin i ned to xamin ur acount gimme ur pass or i ban u" or my personal favorite, "free stoffs plz". That's all you got out of the community, there were no honest players left.

If you ask me, RS's biggest downfall was advertising on, the source of all n00bs. It used to a good game, but I've moved on to bigger and better things.


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21st March 2004

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#35 14 years ago

I used to play it. For about 8 months. Got bored of the free version after about 2 months and because member. I got to lvl 80, and then finally realised how BORING,UGLY the game actually is! So i bought Guild wars and have never played since =)


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#36 14 years ago

RuneScape, huh? Interesting...I still play it but I don't know why.


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16th April 2004

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#37 14 years ago

I think the game probably has good idead in it, you know, a classic MMO with the idea of all sorts of new skills to level.

But, like it's been stated, the community is a joke, rife with 13 year old fools.

If say the creators were to take their ideas to a proper game company, and make a real MMORPG, then it might be ok.

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28th July 2002

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#38 14 years ago

i tried it once, hated it........i wouldnt let myself be taken in by this fact, i dislike all MMORPG, have played a single on i like

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19th September 2005

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#39 14 years ago

i got bored of it and gave it to my friend(it was illegal but i was quitting neway) and they got me banned from the forums mog_thief13 best lvl 61 magic I HATE FARMING ON RS


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21st October 2004

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#40 14 years ago

This game is still being discussed? I assumed someone would have hacked runescape and corrupted the horrendous nature of the game and the community that follows it by now. Plainly put the game is awful- and slow.