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8th June 2004

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#1 16 years ago

Hey guys, i am trying to start a clan with tons of members. Were are going to be called the Silent Snipers. As of this point i will be recruiting anyone and everyone that wants in. Later on i might be planing to give prizes and stuff like that out. But first we need people. I do not care about your honor level, if you are 10, a year down the road you may be at 50. So anyone that wants in just post. I am honor level 21 as of now, becasue i made a new account for this clan. My old account is honor level 53. Here is what i need you to fill out.:deal: 1. Email 2. Honor Level 3. AA name 4. And any suggestions you have for starting a good clan. Hey we also need an awsome website, so anyone out there that might want to start on for us, feel free!:lookaround: