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15th June 2004

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#1 16 years ago

[color=black]We are the newest big clan in online gaming, we play fair (no cheats) and anyone found to be cheating in our server ({S*U} Soviet Union Clan Server) will be kicked imediately no matter who it is, no exceptions.

In most clans you must be online when they tell you for training, clan wars etc... but as we play for fun, we are a community / democrocy, not a dictatorship (despite the name. Lol.)

We are recruiting members for the following games:

Counter Strike 1.6

Counter Strike CZ

C&C Renegade

Action Half-Life v1.0

If you wish to join, there is no test to see if you are good enough, you just have to say and your in! Simple eh!

Although if it is found that you do not follow the free gaming spirit of the clan you may be asked to leave.

We are here to encourage the fun of gaming, help each other and make friends.

If you wish to join drop us a line either by email [/color][email="thank_god_im_not_welsh@hotmail.com"][color=black]thank_god_im_not_welsh@hotmail.com[/color][/email][color=black] or in our forums on our website .[/color][color=black]www.SovietUnionClan.tk[/color]

[color=black]We hope to hear from you soon[/color]

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28th November 2003

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#2 16 years ago


*This thread will be moved and/or delited in 3...2...1*


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17th June 2003

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#3 16 years ago

Probably would do well to move this to general gaming.


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31st January 2004

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#4 16 years ago

lol, gotta love his email adress: thank_god_im_not_welshhahahaha so true.