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#1 10 years ago

[COLOR=blue]-=Saved Before Death=- Gaming is Recruiting Now![/COLOR] [COLOR=red]Looking for a clean, child-friendly environment? Looking for a good Christian community? Want to be in a clan, too? Then -=SBD=- is for you! We support America's Army, Call of Duty 4, Medal of Honor: Allied Assault, and even a little bit of BattleField 2!!! We run a tight ship! We have strict cursing rules! Even better, we ban hackers on sight! We have no age limit, so don't think you're too young or too old! We have members from the range of 10 to even 60!! Good news, we're recruiting!! Go to -=SBD=- Saved Before Death[/COLOR][COLOR=red] to sign up!! [/COLOR]

[COLOR=darkgreen]WHAT WE OFFER: ~ Our own domain and website with forums at [/COLOR][COLOR=darkgreen]www.sbd-gaming.com[/COLOR][COLOR=darkgreen]! ~ We currently have 6 servers, but can add when necessary and money available! ~ Private TeamSpeak for our clan's use! ~ Participation in TWL [/COLOR] [COLOR=darkgreen]~ A Chain of Command and we also have squads that allow you to feel like you apart of something in the clan.[/COLOR] [COLOR=darkgreen]~ Our squads are also split for gaming and we even have a squad for just 15 and younger! ~ We do team pratices to get ready for TWL and sharpen our skills[/COLOR] [COLOR=darkgreen]~ A clan designed to branch out as a new game becomes available![/COLOR] [COLOR=darkgreen]~ A comfortable environment for both members and visitors including a lobby to wait for an admin to get to them ~We also have Bible Study every Wednesdays at 10:00 PM Eastern and every Saturday at 8:30 PM Eastern time![/COLOR][COLOR=darkred]APPLICANT REQUIREMENTS: ~ Must be willing to work with other members as a team and follow/issue orders ~ Must be willing to stay active and mature but at the same time have as much fun as possible [/COLOR] [COLOR=darkred]~ Must have a clean mouth because we do not accept that; we stand for Jesus!

If you feel like you are compatable with the requirements and fell like -=SBD=- is a place for you, feel free to stop by our site at [/COLOR][COLOR=darkred]www.sbd-gaming.com[/COLOR][COLOR=darkred] . [/COLOR] [COLOR=sandybrown]You can personally contact me via Xfire at: Billman456 Thank you and we hope to hear from you very soon. :cya: