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#1 5 years ago

Yo peeps and peepers.

I have an i5 laptop with 512 MB video mem and 3 GB ram.

The perk is that I don't want to connect external mouse :(

I am playing Carnivores Dinosaur Hunter: Reborn these days. It is nicely made, but it is just very pointless. No objective other than going on a dinosaur rampage. No rewards. No other humans on the map. Just you, ammo, and a bunch of rather dumb dinos. Nice graphics and unique AI for each type of dinosaur, but there are only some 7-8 types of dinos and most of them are big, lumbering plant eaters which would freak out at your very sight and run 2963822908026386033 km away from you if they sense your presence.

So ... then. Any other recommendations?