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12th December 2006

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#1 11 years ago

Has anyone played the series? Settlers 2 (1996) by Bluebyte. I thought was a great game. ya, its old, ya its iseometric 2d, but its a clean nice game. I havn't played any of the newer games, like settlers 4, and I read they have (or are) remade settlers 2 in 3d. So, has anyone played any of it? I hear it was popular in germany... So, basically it's an economy simulator basically, with a different feel than anything i've played. By the way, even though its really old settlers 2 is addicting. I believe it is legal to download, many sites offer it... (i own the game anyway though). Is it legal to download, as being abandonware? It works on xp, all you have to do is click the S2 exe. It comes up with an error, but all you have to do is click ignore, and after that don't move the mouse =D