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#1 13 years ago

I dont really know if ne one has done this at all so i will do it, here is a little info on the game, if you guys played it, leave ur peace, plz dont comment on how much this sucks, or if u have ne questions on the game ask [color=red]Im am the most obbsessd person in the world when it comes to shadowhearts.

Okay i bought the game about 2 months ago, i played it , couldnt stop playing, got grounded for playing it to much, got my tv and ps2 taken away for playing it some more. As u can tell, i luv this game. But there are some specific reasons why this game is so good and as a ramble on why this game is so good u can post ne question u got or props on this game.[/color]

The Main Characters. From order u recieve them. -Nicholai -Karin=== A lieutenant in the German Imperial Army, she has been ordered by General Heimann, head of the garrison at Luxembourg, to capture the village of Domremy.

-Yuri===Called a "Godslayer" by some, feared by most, this anti- hero has the power to call upon the souls of various monsters to aid him in battle. Since the loss of his love, Alice, he has found a new home and a new life in Domremy.

-Blanca===This white wolf protects the Village fo Domremy along with Yuri.His intelligence and cool-headed thinking makes him a highly reliable ally.

-Gappetto===a retired puppeteer who gained fame in the great theatres of paris. He now travel the road with yuri, with his beloved puppet Cornelia

Joachim Valentine - Trained as a pro wrestler, this vampire is devoted to justice and has dedicated himself to aiding the . weak and defenseless society.

-Lucia=== Trained as a dancer and fortuenteller from childhood, she entices men with her beautiful figure and unique style of speech

-Anastasia===Fourth princess of the Romanov dynasty, her cute appearance belies her devilish personality. She is determined to save her motherland or Russia.

Kurando Inugami - His innocent appearance belies his abilities as one of the finest swordsmen in the world.

The game starts out u being Karin w/ Nicholai. {Nicholai is a small minor character, lose him after tis part} U are in a tower and this is where u learn the important parts of the game. Its like a help menu but in the game. Its queer. But ur Karin and go aound fighting until u face this giant spider called Arachnid(get it Spider=arachnid. Bu once u beat them there is a small FMV( ohh yea these FMV's are okay, not the best} but then u bcome Yuri with Blaca and Gappetto, Karin is with u but u dont use here until later{if u know aht i mean}{J/K} But ur in a forest and u lookaround picking up stuff the is vital fo ur survival like potions and mana stuff{mana=magic} and u come to yuris hometown, u can go in there but there isnt a big reason to go in{i know this might sound like a strat but im just tellin the beginning story}

Thats how u basically stat the 30-40 hour story of Shadow Hearts Covenant. I havent made it to the second disc yet because im am taking my time. PLus i havent playind it in over 2-3 weeks. PLus i wanna start over and get everything possible.

Magic- The magic in this game is called crests. i cant analogy to ne of the otehr games ive played but the fromat is cool. u have crests ranging from level 1 to about level 9 {i think} but the crests can contain som cool magic , form hitting it a straight line to hitting all characters. PLus weaker and stronger magic

Fusion- This "fusion" is Kurando and Yuri's magic, the turn into or "fuse" into these creature that they unlock in the 'graveyard', and u can unlock them using ur 'soul points' that u win in a battle. Of course u get mreo soul in a boss battle. U can also level up the creatures to do more cool sh!t. like kill everything in one blow. {low % thou}

Weapons- There arent many variety of weapons. If ur in a new place u get new weapons. Not ever place has a new weapon for everyone. There cool though, Each person has about 7 or 10 diff weapons There are really cool accessories

Battle System- The battle system isnt really that hard. Its called the Judment ring. Everytime u wanna do an action, the judgement ring comes up and there are certain parts where the green or blue or red parts show up and there is a scanner that comes threw and u have to click it on that specific part. heres the downlow

Normal hit- depend on how many hits u have, but say u have 3 hits set up and the judgement ring comes up , there will be 3 bars taht come up on the ring and then the scanner comes up and u have to click on the green area, or if ur lucky u hit the critical part(which is red)

Crest Magic- Its basically the same thing as Normal hit but there is an activator part in the beginning, it should be blue, i havent played it n a while so my mem. is bad.and the same thing applies for normal or crit hit.

Thats most of it.


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#2 13 years ago

I haven't played it but most people I know really enjoy it.


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#3 13 years ago

im enjoying alright, most people i know own this game. I cant wait untill i get the third one