Should devs just give up with Denuvo? 1 reply

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#1 4 months ago

So, after the whole Sonic Mania Plus controversy, where Denuvo got panic-rushed into the game and as a result broke 2p mode by grinding PC's to a crawl, and the recent arrest of the master Russian who kept cracking the thing, blah blah...…

The question is, why? If crackers are pirating Denuvo games within 24-48 hours anyway, surely there's no benefit to giving legitimate players grief with these mis-steps and slowdowns?

I know they say that if it staves off piracy for 24 hours it was worth it, but then why not patch the thing away after a week given it's now literally redundant code that just hurts performance?

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#2 4 months ago

They should, unconditionally.

In the long term, DRM only hinders players who genuinely just want to play games. Look at the recent SafeDisc fiasco and always-online games like Darkspore that are now 100% unplayable because EA was enough of a boob not to care about the game itself.

Whenever possible, I buy from GOG, because they sell games that I can play at any time I freakin' want, even in remote areas. I thereby vote with my wallet, as I vote for DRM-free games.

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