Should they re-make RDR1 in RDR2 engine? 1 reply

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#1 3 weeks ago

So it got me thinking, we figured that if RDR2 was going to come to PC it would be in holiday 2020 along with next gen consoles.

So - much like with GTA - they'll add something new to convince people to re-buy a game they may already own. I was thinking - why not re-create Red Dead 1's missions in the 2 engine? Most of the map already exists and it seems like a fairly cheap type of thing to do.


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#2 3 weeks ago

Rockstar does not make DLC for single player. All they care about is making Online more and more grindy. Their motto is "You need to spend money to spend money." If something is fun, how can we lock that behind a pay wall, and make players buy it back?

Anyway, I agree. Red Dead Redemption was spectacular. As silly of an idea was, a cowboy game actually was quite fun. You could sink every bit as many hours into it as you could any Grand Theft Auto game. The way to make Red Dead Redemption better is with MORE Red Dead Redemption.