Shroud getting banned from PUBG for riding in a flying car 6 replies

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#1 4 months ago

I saw Mikey post this on Discord the other day but;


I am just wondering, although he was complicit to a degree, he wasn't he one cheating so much as, he happened to be with a team who were, so is it fair for him to be banned in these circumstances?

Or was he in the wrong?

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#2 4 months ago

Such bullshit.

Shroud actually killed the hacker multiple times before giving up and joining in. The hacker was "stream sniping" 

PUBG should fix their game by improving anti-cheat rather than banning popular streamers who actually do more to advertise the game than they can even know.

Additionally, Shroud and Wadu are still playing with alternate accounts making the ban literally pointless.

The whole situation was amusing and was great entertainment on the stream, and the moderation was far too heavy handed.

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#3 4 months ago


This is so fucking Bluehole in a nutshell.

"Hey let's fill our games with more micro transactions and make you buy a season pass without actually doing any content drops

also lets ban the single most popular PUBG streamer because why not? :)))))))))))))"

They shoot themselves in the foot time and time again. Since its peak in January of this year, PUBG's player base has steadily been dropping. It's now down at least 65% and it's only going to continue dropping with all these stupid incidents.

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#4 4 months ago

Used to be, the one killing the streamer would be the one who got banned. Not too long ago, the majority of reviews on Steam were about getting auto-banned because they killed someone who was streaming on Twitch.

The other main review I frequently see on Steam is "Region lock China." Apparently, China has a huge economy from hacking games, and selling the stuff. I don't understand it, and apparently, the devs don't either. China still seems to have no restrictions to the game.

Also, I completely agree with the micro-transactions and loot boxes ruining the game. The game has such potential before that. I completely lost all interest in the game the moment micro-transactions and loot boxes were added.


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#5 4 months ago

Maybe this will give Shroud some incentive to stop wasting his talent on a game "supported" by devs so incompetent I wouldn't trust them to tie their own shoes properly.

It is rather amusing though, in an ironic sort of wayway.

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#6 4 months ago

Don't know the person or the game, but totally understand the reaction. If you try to sell a PvP game any evidence of cheating is harmful to your business. If someone wants to make money by advertising how much fun your game is that is fine. If someone tries to make money by showing cheating in your game you have to stop that.

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#7 4 months ago

True but it is without context, he did try to work against the cheater for ages before giving up, however, his attitude is a little blasé. 

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