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#1 10 years ago

Yo Folks, First sorry for my bad english writing, have dislexia Why this treat, Well i think this game rocks with space fights, and the posibilities... limitless if i see the mods of maps already and all. So i was thinking, lets make it a real big game and mod, means a HUGE solar system map and units from new races. I was thinking, why not make a solarsystem map of EAW whit Empire, Rebels and consortiom as pirats and race of that part of the system. Adding the solar system of Battle Star Gallactica whit as units and races the humans and Cylones of that system. Then we add the next solar system, Earth.. lol Stargate with as units the Goaules, Humans, Replicators and all the rest of them. Then the solar system of Starship Troopers with the bugs. And then we add the orginal solar system with the standart races from the game ofcourse. Its just a idea, like to see that all in this game, fighting echator lol Wonder what the outcome will be. Anyway, its just a idea, if i had the modding scill of the profs. here, i was alreading starting of building, but i am not. So i let it up to u. Let me know what u think of the concept. Grtz

I did noticed, way to late, i postet in wrong forum treat/section, strange do, after clicking on forum in Game Downloads, Game Patches - i was redirectet to this place. And noticed orso there is no game treat for Sins Of Solar Impire.... Maybe a moderator can change it and fix it.....

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#2 10 years ago

First off.... This is the totally wrong section for this, and second, one the Sins site there are already mods with just these, not all in one though.