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#1 2 years ago

So, I installed Dragonsmount a month ago, only to find the author had neglected to give us a way to obtain this castle for our own. So I promptly disabled it, and deleted it from my computer.

Loading a save from before I installed Dragonsmount did not delete the castle.

I even started a new game entirely, and Dragonsmount is still there.

So, how do I get rid of it? It is currently sitting on top of the spot needed by another mission, which means I cannot progress in that mission.


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#2 2 years ago

Uninstalling it should've done it. What mod manager are you using?

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#3 2 years ago

Does the mod have scripts?

Try rummaging thru the script folders, If you don't find anything in that folder then go indoors first (In game I mean :p) and open the command console and type the cell purge command (Sorry I cant remember it)  then do a clean save, exit game then load from the clean save slot.

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