Skyrim's Enderal: Forgotten Stories Mod will be on Steam next week 1 reply

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#1 2 weeks ago

Enderal is one of the best total conversion mods for Skyrim out there, with a fantastic set of new environments, quests, voice acting and much more to offer. While the mod isn't new, it does have the distinction of becoming the first total conversion mod for the game to gain it's own page on Steam, and it'll be available to download on the platform from next week, February 14th.

The mod will still require the base Elder Scrolls V game to run, but having it's own page on the Steam store has given the mod more prominence. The creators of the mod, SureAI, have previously stated it will be available through the platform for free.

The mod is effectively an entirely new game built on the Skyrim engine, with over 70 hours of new content when combined with it's free expansion. The great benefit of this release will mean that, while you do need to own Skyrim to be able to download the mod, it will behave as a separate game, meaning you can have Skyrim and Enderal installed at the same time.

Of course, you don't need to wait until next week to play the mod, as you can grab the mod today from our sister site, ModDB.

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#2 2 weeks ago

Best of all, Nexus has a large amount of people modding Enderal, so you can already tailor-make Enderal to your heart's content.