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#1 16 years ago

nukem996 writes "While the offical port of Doom 3 to Linux is still not complete and we still do not know when it is going to be out, other then 'in a few days after the Windows release', Linux users can finally play Doom 3 on Linux with the help of Wine." Elsewhere, an anonymous reader points to a post on the GideonTech forums explaining multi-monitor Doom 3 play, with the caveat: "Doing this with only 2 monitors completely sucks. You want atleast 3, or 5.. or any odd number of monitors (so your center of playing field isn't split between two monitors)." Finally, toasted_calamari explains: "We have written a guide to optimizing Doom 3 for DirectX 8 systems, particularly older ATI Radeon cards. This guide should assist owners of older hardware in running Doom 3 more effectively without upgrading."http://games.slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=04/08/08/1743201