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#1 14 years ago

Just wondering...has anyone actually either a)heard of this game or b)played or own it?

I played the demo a while back and then I saw it for like 10 dollars so I said why not. Gamespot gave it a high 7 score which counts as "good", and my overall impression from the demo was that while it suffered from some bugs and otehr things it was pretty stable and pretty fun to play for a WWII or military gamer.

So Im playing it now through...theres something like 28 single player missions in all which is a lot when you think about it. The fact that its a sniper game appeals to me alot, and that its somewhat accurate in that sense (ie wind direction, gravity, firing position, and heart rate being factors of your shot), the subject matter is quite different, and the fact that even on easy you cant just blow through the game full throttle.

It does have flaws though: the graphics are those that would be considered top of the line in maybe 2002 or 2001, the historical detail is pretty good but little things like German soldiers carrying MG-42s as hand weapons will bug most history buffs, and AI is kinda dumb, and the missions so far as cool but sometimes a lil dull