So hey, my PC now supports Oculus! 1 reply

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#1 2 years ago

And I didn't even need to upgrade!

Apparently, via witchcraft or somesuch, they've made the minimum specs go down....

  • It now only requires a GTX 960, as opposed to a GTX 970 (WIN FOR FAKTRL)...
  • The minimum spec for processor has gone down from an i5 one above mine to an i3-6100 (WIN FOR FAKTRL)Now supports 1x. USB 3.0 port and 2x USB
  • 2.0 ports (YAY FOR FAKTRL?) as opposed to the 2x USB 3.0 config.

It also just dropped Windows 7 support, but hey, such is life on an operating system two versions removed, am I rite? (Insert boos here).

Still, this is good news for those considering the Rift, as performance is seemingly improved this will cascade in real terms to all users, and make it more accessible to those with mid-tier systems.

Now if only someone would buy me a Rift...

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#2 2 years ago

Now make a Euro Truck road trip video with the Oculus.

(Seriously. I want to see that.)