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#1 9 years ago

and I found a cool show, that I'm sure many of you know called GTV (Game Trailers Tv) anyways they were showing some kick ass games, and I have to say my favorite game out of all of them was Just Cause 2, it looks like it's gonna be awesome.

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#2 9 years ago

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I have mixed feelings about this title. JC1 was fun in some ways, very repetitious arcade-like and buggy in others. They have vaguely addressed some of those problems in talking about the improvements in JC2, but totally ignored the worst problem with JC1, which was speculated to be caused by a severe memory leak problem.

The game would run fine for anywhere from 20 min to an hour, then develop a severe stuttering lag. Exiting to desktop then relaunching the game would fix it, only to have to do so again and again and again. This was a very common problem mind you talked about on the game's official forum with no response whatsoever from anyone from Eidos or Avalanche Studios.

What the devs have said they are improving is making the environments less empty, the side missions less dull, the stunts (esp grappling) more dynamic, and the environs more varied with dramatic cities.

They claim these are improvements based on customer requests. They don't say anything about players complaining about stuttering lag. Also poorly done was the land vehicle handling, very arcade-like death physics, combat system (with lots of auto aim), difficulty of engaging something with the grapple gun, and horrible voice overs that repeated the same old lines, often times as if the cop chasing you was right behind you despite being far away.

It was not all bad though. The graphics were pretty good, the freefalling and races lots of fun, and it has a very open ended sandbox nature as far as which areas you can do battle in and how you complete a mission, mostly escape wise. One of the cool things about it too is the day/night cycle. One race that was really good was a checkpoint course you had to fly in a plane, with big glowing rings you fly through. If you picked that one at night it really looked and felt awesome. I liked the background music too, even though it got a bit repetitious.

Just like White Gold though, which follows Boiling Point, I am skeptical about this one. Both Just Cause and Boiling Point had severe optimization problems, and the devs of either game have yet to talk about it openly. Deep Shadows did touch on some of the bugs in Boiling Point, but never the lack of optimization. They did eventually patch it to be more optimized, though much too long after release and it didn't fix the problem in my experience. When you put your customers through something like that, you owe them an explanation before they should trust you with a sequel, rather than counting on loyal support merely for the number of copies sold on the first one.