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#1 13 years ago

(I'm from Taiwan, please excuse my bad English.) If you can not see any fur or grass in game, that's because your graphic card is not good enough....orz Try to check this file(open with notepad) X:\Lionhead Studios\Black & White 2\Data\graphics.config You can find graphic card's and chip's detail setting inside.... For example, my chip is FX5600, also can't display any fur in game, find line ; nVidia 5600 1 2 1 (low quality) the second number is for MINSPEC : controls shading / features (which you can find in the first part in this file) If I change the setting to 1 1 1 (mid quality) then enter the game....I can see fur on my wolf and grass in farm now!! (but....run much laggy) edit: or you can read topic "B&W2, No Fur ........ ._. " posted by RoxFox @@