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29th May 2004

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Sony fined and asked to pull units off shelves Due to a patent infringement, Sony has been fined and ordered to cease U.S. sales of its home console. By Eduardo Vasconcellos | March 28, 2005

According to a report on, Sony was ordered to cease sales on its PlayStation 2 consoles in the U.S. and was fined $90.7 million for patent infringement by a U.S. court in Oakland, CA.

Immersion, the company who developed the rumble technology such as used in the controllers for the PlayStation and Xbox, filed the law suit and was awarded $82 million by a jury's decision in September, 2004, plus an additional $8.7 million of interest.

Sony appealed the decision and was granted a stay of permanent injunction, which allows the corporation to sell its products during the appeals process. The sales halt that would be affecting the PlayStation, PlayStation 2 and 47 games that utilize the technology, "will not go into effect before the appeal,' an SCE spokeswoman said. "Sony will be paying compulsory license fees to Immersion," she added.