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SOWTitle.jpg Who we are: Soldiers of War is a brand new clan that focusses primarily on Fun, Competitions, and Maturity. -=SOW=- Began in September, however, it was cancelled due to something i am unsure of. We have now started it up again, and we are looking for some good new, mature recruits. What we have to Offer: -AA Honor Server -TS Server -Website/forums -=SOW=- -Mature Players -Military Actives -Military Tactics that you can learn that are used by many different militaries in the world. -TWL Matches/Clan Scrims Requirements: -Our Clan likes to focus primarily on MATURITY. So that is why we ask for a minimun age of 15 (however, we can make exceptions). -We would like to ACTUALLY win at TWL, so we ask for a minimun honor of 20. -You NEED, a working copy of Americas Army, Team Speak, and a working mic Contact: xfire:russianbear101 email: [EMAIL="awuerch@gmail.com"]awuerch@gmail.com[/EMAIL]