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#1 11 years ago

Hello all, I'm currently making a mod for The Battle For Middle-Earth 1 about ancient Greece, from the peloponesian war to thermopalye to the conquering of the Greeks by the Romans. For now there will be 5 factions: 1.Sparta 2.Athens 3.Persia 4.Rome 5.Greece (only on certain missions where greeks joined together to defeat a common foe, like thermopalye and Greece getting conquered)

Those are the only factions for now, but I will probably add more, depending on my getting a team and popularity.

If you would like to be on the team I would need: 1.Modeller/skinner 2.Animator/rigger 3.Mapper/base maker 4.A name for the mod 5.Ideas 6.A website I would be the mod's team leader and Coder.

If you would like to join just reply to this thread. Althogh, I would like to see some of your work because I want this mod done right. All ideas and skills are welcome. The mod's progress now: Sparta is about 60% coded, all that's left are the units and structures. Then I'll start Athens.

Thanks all Smilie-16.gif .