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Special Force Delta is recruiting players (18+) to fill our ranks among a brotherhood of soldiers. We have many things to offer, and hope to see you among our ranks. Our Command Staff has been gaming together for over a year and the Unit is lead by A private member of AON. We are a stable, well organized Unit.

Remember, we - as gamers - are trying to make the America's Army experience as fun and interesting as possible by providing a Military Realism Unit. Our Squadron Command Staff is always closely working with AON to provide hacker free servers.

The Special Force Delta offers its members: - Military Realism - Basic Combat Training (BCT) - U.S. Army Ranks - Chain of Command - Job Assignments / MOS's - Chance for promotions and leadership positions as we grow - A full featured website - SpecialForces Delta - Our private voice server, Teamspeak (30 slot) - 1 America's Army 16 Honor server - Active TWL Competition - And last of all, a fun, friendly experience

If you wish to enlist: - Visit us at - SpecialForces Delta - Register & Log In - homepage, click the pic to apply - a member of our command will take care of you ASAP and start your enlistment process

Requirements: - 18+ - America's Army 2.8.2 - Free of any AON, ACI, PB and AASA Bans - TeamSpeak with working Mic - Xfire

Feel free at any time to add these SF-D recruiters to your Xfire, if you are interested in joining, or have any questions

CPT-Blitz- blitzsoldat06

2LT-Section-8- lilfoot79

CSM-SniperC- snipercsfd

MSG-Cabreaghne- cabreaghne

Thanks for your interest and one of us will be more than happy to get you started in the in the Special Forces Delta!