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2nd May 2016

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#1 2 years ago

perhaps it was posted already, perhaps it wasn't - hard to tell with all that damn spam in the latest threads list.

anyway, as amazing as it looks (the graphics are kinda so-so though, at least for the bridge, imho), it sparked a brilliant idea in my mind. long time ago, when i was in high school, not everyone here could afford a gaming console. but there were those... for a lack of better word, clubs. you had your own big tv, your own console, headphones, choice of games, and you could pay for an hour or more, and play. they were selling some drinks and snacks as well, obviously. it was fairly cheap and thanks to that, i've played tekken 3 on original psx and virtua fighter 3 tb on dreamcast quite a lot, despite not owning either of those consoles.

and here we are now. VR headset costs some serious cash. pc able to handle it properly (gtx 1080? two rx 480 in crossfire? two gtx 1080 in sli?) costs even more. now, i have no damn idea how they're going to drive several VR headsets using a single pc (perhaps that's why the level of detail wasn't perfect - or perhaps it's meant for online, with people actually being in different places, playing on different pcs), but how many friends, living near your place, do you have, that will get one? imagine a club with drinks, snacks, and powerful gaming pcs with VR headsets - mostly single player setups, but some dedicated to games like star trek: bridge crew. costly to launch, for sure, but lets face it - most gamers won't be able to afford such high end setups. heck, just check the gpu stats on steam for example. instant win? it all depends on the games that will come, but it could be a very interesting business.