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#1 15 years ago

[COLOR=red]About the Mod[/COLOR]

Star Wars Total War is a brand new moddification for Rome Total War. Coverting the game from Ancient Europe to the Galaxies of Star Wars. With all the factions from the 3rd and 4th Episodes Star Wars Total War will introduce the Republic, Galactic Empire to The Gungans and Trade Federation. Fight Battles along side the Trade Federation and Confederacy against the Republic at the spire, With the odd Geonosians. Or take Hoth with your stoormtroopers and destroy the Rebel Bases. Pick from a variety of units From the Skillful Clone Troopers to the Funny little Jawas.

To view the website and our forums please visit...

[COLOR=red]How to join[/COLOR]

While im am in talks with lucas arts and to make this mod legal i cannot resume unless a good team are assembled. All moddders good or bad will be accepted, or if you would like to learn how and help us out all info will be shared on how to. If you have any hands on skill with modding of Rome total war then we would like to hear from you. Everyone is invited.

to sign up please contact me at...


Main Positions nedded

Coder (we need a unit coder and everything else such as landscapes will need coding)

Mapper (can create a good galaxy with all avalible plannets)

Skinners (can create the skin of the unit eg armour)

Unit Modelers (can create skelintons for the units, Need as many as possible!!!)

Infomation (all about the different galaxies, cultures and so on)

Sound artist (create unit sounds, voices, music etc)

If you can do more than just 1 thing in the list then please contact me telling me all about the things you can do.

Thank you.


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#2 15 years ago

Woah this is a big mod! a good one Just very big, I am not sure but I think you might actually have to recode most of the game!


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#3 15 years ago

yes and very difficult thats why we need our avalible team to expand. Most things will be easy to create but with the amount of new units needed we need a big team!!!

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#4 15 years ago

Cool, good luck guys (and/or girls)