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#1 8 years ago

Hey guys, since starcraft 2 has come out im sure alot of people have hung up their starcraft 1.

I was wondering if anyone could supply me with a Starcraft and a Starcraft BW cdkey that would work on BNET.

I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you so much! My email is [email][/email]

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16th June 2008

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#2 8 years ago

So would I. :p

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#3 8 years ago
No CD cracks, hacks, "warez", or P2P (Peer2Peer) software Do not ask for 'No CD' cracks, CD keys or help with mod chips. Do not discuss or post links to sites that have roms, sites with illegal video or audio downloads, or anything that could potentially violate copyright laws. If you think it is a questionable link, do not post it. P2P Sites and links are not allowed to be posted. Face it, we all know that they are used 99% for downloading illegal content. Bittorrent is an exception, and only in certain cases. In such cases, a staff member will approve the thread or post by posting in it to show legitimacy.

Don't ask for them, because no one is going to give them to you. You'll have to go and purchase the game like everybody else.