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10th January 2004

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#1 15 years ago

Hi, I just discovered that there is a good StarGate Mod out for Half-Life! It's called StarGate TC. It has the gate, stargate weapons, the rings, Horus Guards, and the whole schtick. It's really cool. Maybe this should be in the Half-Life Mod section, but I just wanted to anounce this to the entire wana-be StarGate gaming comunity. People will play this game, and maybe we could put together a group that could set up times to play, or even better get a big enough group to have a constant set of people on one of the StarGate TC Servers. There is also a single-player Mission set that takes a bunch of messing with to get to work on steam. That is being fixed for steam and will hopefuly be out and easy soon. Here is the site: and here is the multi-player download page: If you are interested in starting a North American Players group just leave your AIM, MSN, or YIM here and we'll be in touch, try and set up times, and the works. BY THE WAY THIS MOD IS COOL EVEN IF YOU DON'T WATCH STARGATE!!! Here are some pictures to get your interest: lancegoa1.jpg newver5.jpg abydos001.jpg